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Chew your food helps the immune system

Chew your food helps the immune system ANSA/Ansa

It stimulates the production of lymphocytes Th17, protecting us from infections.

Chew the food properly, not only helps digestion, but strengthens the immune system and helps protect us against infections of fungi and bacteria. And' the discovery made by a team of researchers at the University and the National Institutes of Health in the United States, which has revealed as a specific type of immune cell, the lymphocytes, the Th17, is stimulated when you chew it.

 The immune system has the purpose of blocking harmful pathogens and tolerate the presence of normal bacteria. It is well known that, in this task, it is helped by a healthy diet. However, not only what we eat, but also how we eat seems to have a weight. In other parts of the body, such as the bowel and the skin, the presence of immune cells is stimulated by the presence of bacteria and it was supposed to happen so well in the mouth. Researchers have discovered, however, that the oral cavity has a different way to stimulate the lymphocytes, Th17 are, in fact, been able to stimulate an increase in mice, simply by changing the hardness of their food, thus proving that chewing has been the determining factor. In particular, to activate the Th17 cells would be the "damage caused by the abrasion of the gums derived from chewing," said the biologist from the University of Manchester Joanne Konkel, the first author of the research published in the journal Immunity. According to Konkel, "the understanding of the factors that regulate immunity in barrier oral could lead to new ways to treat several inflammatory diseases".


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